We believe the world loves
a brand that takes a stand.


Our mission is to help entrepreneurial, emerging and enthusiast brands
stand for something bigger than just making and selling stuff.
Our work is designed to demonstrate a brand's promise
at every point of contact, and drive meaningful business results for our clients.



The best brands
 know their 'Why'.


A reason for being that goes beyond just making and selling a product or service. When a brand knows and taps into that purpose, it’s a powerful thing. Something people respond to, engage with and believe in. Working with entrepreneurs and emerging brands to find and articulate their deeper 'Why' is what we do at Grenadier.



Our partner brands.



We're an intentionally
small brigade.

But we have an
entire army behind us.


Grenadier was founded in 2012 as a Barkley partner company. With more than 400 employees on staff, Barkley is the largest independent, employee-owned agency in the U.S. Our partnership allows Grenadier to tap into Barkley's suite of capabilities: from digital production and data analytics to Millennial insights and an innovation lab, and much more. It's a model that allows Grenadier to deliver the right team at the right time for clients big or small.