Productivity while traveling means different things to different people. Might mean more working. Might mean more bonding or relationship-building. Might mean better connectivity. But whatever your definition, Bearing delivers productivity…and so much more. It’s an elegant, ultra-efficient, state-of-the-art, fully customizable, (dare we even say) revolutionary new mode of transportation. Meticulously designed for those who meticulously plan. Taking the oftentimes least enjoyable aspect of travel — getting from Point A to Point B — and making it the best.

And oh, almost forgot — Bearing is not a corporate jet.
Or a train.
 Or some kind of weird, alien hovercraft.

Bearing, technically, is a bus. Go figure, right?
Think Air Force One on wheels, available for hire, anytime.

As Bearing's fully integrated agency partner, we worked closely with the company's founder to launch the brand—and we mean launch completely from scratch. Starting with a Brand Stand to establish look, tone and feel, our tasks included everything from name-generation, logo design, and creating letterhead/business card/brochures/other sales and presentation materials, to building a library of product photography and designing Bearing's official corporate site.