Cafe Rio


How to pirate the airwaves.

(And Sell A Ton Of Pork Barbacoa in the process.)

When Cafe Rio came to us, their original and biggest market needed a freshmade shot in the arm. At the same time, they were getting ready to introduce a new protein to compliment customer's cult favorite: Sweet Pork Barbacoa. We saw this as an opportunity to tap in to the truly fanatical love Utahans have for Sweet Pork. We did this by teasing the idea that their beloved Sweet Pork dish may be replaced by newcomer Spicy Green Chili Pork. What unfolded was a movement to save Sweet Pork Barbacoa in the form of the underground group "StandUp4Sweet," founded by the very driven Barbara Coa. But first, we had to introduce New Spicy Green Chili Pork. 


The Launch:

Using predominately broadcast :15s, digital and out-of-home, we started by plastering Salt Lake and cities all over Utah with a very straight, introductory message about the launch of New Spicy Green Chili to the Cafe Rio menu.



The Insurgency:

After two weeks the community began to notice the Cafe Rio ads were being "vandalized". A dialogue between Cafe Rio and its customers started online and inquires were made in regards to any information that could be provided about the person, or persons, perpetrating the acts of vandalism.


Then this happened:


Enter Barbara Coa:

Founder of, Barbara Coa created a grassroots movement to warn the people of Utah to beware the dire consequences of ordering Spicy Green Chili Pork – mainly the impending "Aporkalypse".  By pirating the airwaves and directing people to her website, she created a dialogue around the choice that consumers now have between staying "sweet" or venturing into the risky world of "spicy". Utah responded by visiting the site, taking sides on social media, and even a demonstration in front of a Cafe Rio where participants were encouraged to be vocal about their love of Sweet Pork Barbacoa.


Barbara started a movement:

Click here and visit

We gave Cafe Rio customers the opportunity to express and share their love of the classic Sweet Pork Barbacoa or the New Spicy Green Chili Pork. When customers chose Spicy instead of pledging themselves to Sweet, they triggered the "Aporkalypse" which ultimately lead them to the Cafe Rio website, where they could place an order or receive a special offer.

Then the media got involved:


The Result:

Spicy Pork launched and quickly represented a double digit share of the protein mix ordered in Utah restaurants. Sales increased starting within the first two weeks of Barbara Coa’s campaign and continue to climb.