#MoreMoneyThanYouThink also extended into digital/social/mobile
with a weekly contest: guess exactly how much is in the (sometime weird) container,
and win the money AND the vessel it comes in! Glass skull mug? YAHZTEE!!!


Coinstar Case Study


Although Coinstar is a mature and established brand, they are operating in a world where coins are increasingly seen as shameful, dirty, and inconvenient. Coins are simply disrespected.

People want the cash, but vastly underestimate how much they already have laying around their home in the form of coins (research showed it was 50% more than they think). With over 1 billion transactions, no other brand does more to liberate our idle cash and release the possibilities trapped in our coins than Coinstar.

We took to the streets and proved to real, everyday frugal fighters that you have #MoreMoneyThanYouThink. The campaign also extended into digital/social/mobile with weekly contests to engage Coinstar’s target and challenge them to realize the surprisingly real value in a typical jar (or beer stein or glass skull, etc.) of coins.


  • 300% increase to the kiosk finder visits compared to the previous highest month of 200k visits (600k/month)

  • 33% Facebook video completion rate vs. benchmark of 6%