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Coinstar Exchange Case Study


$2 billion (with a “b”) in gift cards go unredeemed in the U.S. every year and most people have no idea that they can get cash for their unwanted gift cards. Coinstar Exchange was a brand new, instant-cash solution popping up in grocery stores, lacking basic awareness.

We identified a core, cash-appreciating, college-aged target and focused media and creative in key markets.

We believed that Coinstar Exchange is about more than just redeeming unused gift cards for cash – rather, it’s about redeeming the good intentions of the gift-giver when those card-giving occasions go awry. In other words, “Now the thought really counts.”


  • 462% increase to the kiosk finder in four support markets and comprised 35% of all kiosk finder visits nationwide.

  • 28% increase in transactions in largest support market, Boston, with an average of 10% lift in transactions across all four support markets.

  • 26% increase in critical first-time transaction in largest market, Boston