DJ Ursetta

Jr. Copywriter

Before headlines, it was rhymes. Like any other DJ, he began his career using piratedbeats and an old gaming headset to record innocent raps with some buddies in highschool. Fortunately, the group split and he moved on to write a different path as a Buffright here in Boulder. With diploma in hand, this Colorado Native knew it was time forsomething new. Flying by the seat of his pants, he boarded a plane to Brazil to teachEnglish at a high school without knowing a lick of Portuguese. There, he found a passionfor conversation beyond small talk. This passion eventually led him to become a copywriter. From traditional to digital content, he’s helped craft campaigns for healthcare and higher-education clients like Banner Health and the University of Tennessee. Whenyou can’t find this lefty smearing his hand with ink, odds are good he’s tracking down arare pair of kicks, shooting hoops, or three-putting on the links.

Note: DJ is not an actual DJ.