Flavored Still Water

Case Study


In 2013, Fruit2O was competing with flavored “water” drinks created with the belief that if a little is good, then a lot must be better. So much so that the water aisle began to resemble the extremes of the soda aisle: colors not seen in nature, crazy flavor combinations, unnecessary additives, and sugar galore.

In a world where too many compete to be the loudest and brightest, we believed that we needed to stand up for the Beauty of Enough. For moderation. For dialing back the overreactions and knee-jerk impulses. Especially in this day and age of oversharing in social media - a place where we could all stand to dial-it-back a bit.

Tasked with re-engaging current and lapsed Fruit2O fans and users, encouraging product trial, and growing and engaging our Facebook community, Grenadier developed the functional and entertaining “Dial it Back” tool and campaign to bring our Brand Stand to life. Allowing users to see exactly where they’re overdoing it in social media (e.g. selfies, food pics, sports smack talk), and a dashboard they could use to track their progress.


  • 23,332 fans in one month / 100k fans in 6 weeks
  • 7% increase in engagement with 9.7% engagement rate at the peak.
  • 289,598 total visitors to the Dial it Back app