Husky Liners Case Study


Despite Husky’s heritage as the originator of the custom-fit floor liner category, Husky’s main competitor had grown into a direct response juggernaut, vastly outspending Husky in advertising and media.

Competitors’ messages focused on scientific manufacturing processes and stoking consumer fear of dirtying their vehicles. Our research revealed a clear opportunity to speak more to the heart, and less to the head - taking a stand for getting messy when you’re doing what you love.

Through our Brand Stand process, we defined Husky Liners’ target as American Doers—hobbyists, makers and active people who are passionate about doing things, not just talking about them. American Doers view their cars and trucks as a tool that enables them to fulfill their passions.


  • 38% increase in internet drop ships
  • 175% increase in online transactions
  • 172% increase in online revenue
  • 40% increase in website conversions