Kira Viola

Jr. Art Director

Hailing from a border town in Texas, Kira’s world originally revolved around ballet. And she revolved around the studio in funny little shoes. For years, she traveled to places near and far, touring the world until eventually realizing her feet hurt. A lot. It was this epiphany that led her down a different path, or up rather, to the University of Colorado Denver in pursuit of a different passion: design. Her secondary focus, design quickly came to the forefront of Kira’s universe. Her desire to create and experiment via visual communication lent itself to a well-rounded skill set comprised of illustration, animation, film and everything in between. Upon graduation, with her degree in hand and an uncommon understanding of what was next, Kira landed at Grenadier ready to take on the world of advertising and is now doing just that. Known on the streets as “Twinkle Toes,” she is not to messed with and can be found outside of work pirouetting around the studio, eating chips and salsa or shaking down some Comic-Sans-Papyrus-usin' tricks—probably all at the same time because she’s good with multitasking like that.