Our process.


We talk to the people who make, sell and market your product. The people who use it. What they think, know, need, and desire. We talk one-on-one and in groups. We go to where they are and where we need to have the conversation. Your people, your competitor’s people. People who love you – even the people who hate you.


We turn it upside down and spin it around. We put boots on the ground and live your product – where it’s made, sold and used. We learn what other people have said about it and what you’ve learned about it. We think about what it is and what it could be. We discover the beauty of its truths and the truths of its beauty.


Sometimes rooted in your history, sometimes in future innovation, we unearth the deeper “why” that gets you up in the morning, puts a spring in your step, gives you something to fight for and provides your brand a reason to exist. It’s about a purpose that goes beyond merely making and selling stuff. 


The Brand Stand is both a killer creative brief
for Grenadier, and a client-side filter for brand activity
and business decision-making.

Don't just take our word for it.


“Grenadier is a great strategic partner who understands how to build a brand while being accountable for driving revenue too. I have been impressed by the consumer insights they bring to the table and the quality of their creative product."

- Jodie Silva,
  VP Marketing & Sales, Winter Park


"Grenadier has been an agency partner in the truest sense. We gave them a difficult assignment and they tackled it with gusto. They asked questions. They learned our business, our trends and gained complete understanding of our brand stance. They became an extension of our office, so when they came to the table with strategies tailor made for our concept, they hit the nail on the head."

- Ben Craner, CMO, Cafe Rio


“Based on the work Grenadier has done for us on the Fruit2O brand, I felt they were the best partner to help us position SunnyD brand for breakthrough growth. They have the right blend of strategic insights and inspiring creative, and through their partnership with Barkley, the deep Millennial knowledge our brands need.”  

- Mike Burton,
  CMO, Sunny Delight Beverage Co.