Portalupi Wine Co.


Portalupi Wine Co has been producing award-winning, Italian-inspired California wines since 2002. As an homage to our client’s Northern Italian grandmother, Marina, owner Jane Portalupi created Vaso di Marina - a rustic yet refined red and white table wine packaged in an old-fashioned 1 liter milk bottle, as was customary in the old country. Grenadier was tasked with developing a brand positioning, package design, point of sale materials, and additional branding assets to first generate excitement among distributors, then launch it to the public.

Pushing against Franco-centric wine snobbery, the notion that wine is precious and must be put away and stored, and all the rules and affectations great wine comes along with—we positioned Vaso di Marina as the antidote to outdated conventions of how wine is “supposed to be” served and enjoyed.  Instead, drawing inspiration from the milk bottle itself, the resulting brand strategy and creative concepts focused on treating wine as a grocery item—a staple like milk and bread. Great wine is meant to be enjoyed every day with family and friends. Vaso di Marina gives everyone the confidence to wine in that uniquely Norcal-Ital way.


Package Design