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Over the past fifteen years, the vodka category has splintered into two distinct offerings: Tasteless and tasteless. On one end, a sea of nothingness. Colorless, odorless premium and ‘craft’ vodkas, over-distilled to the point of losing all character. On the other, a circus of ridiculous flavors (tiramisu-flavored vodka? Yes. It’s a thing.).

We wanted to change the conversation about what a great vodka should taste like, and how it should be made. Woody Creek Distillers was in a unique position to flip the category conventions on their head and make a vodka that challenges everything consumers know about vodka.

The Return of Real. Woody Creek doesn’t make flavored vodkas - never will. And they only need to distill their vodka one time. Because they use only fresh potatoes grown on their own farm, just a few miles from the distillery. We took all of the conventional wisdom, all of the features and benefits touted by the category, and turned them against it. We woke people up and reminded them what vodka was supposed to be. Woody Creek represents the Return of Real Vodka.

Since the launch of The Return of Real campaign, Woody Creek sales and distribution have increased by triple digits. Additionally, Woody Creek vodka won Best Vodka and Double Gold at the 2015 San Francisco World Spirits Competition.



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